We want to hear your story. We also want to pay you for your work.

We could say that there aren't enough women writers in the world today, but the truth is that there aren't enough PAID women writers in the world today. Project Find Our Women wants to change that. 

The Storytellers Fellowship aims to achieve two main goals: 

1) Give women writers a platform to share the stories directly from their own community. 

2)  Fairly compensate women writers for their work. 


1. Be at least 18 years of age. 

2. Be able to interview 5 women from your community about a problem that is currently affecting them. 

3. Be confident in your ability to consolidate these interviews into short narratives (500-1,000 words each). 

4. Be willing to work with a diverse group of women throughout the duration of your fellowship. 

APPLICATIONS OPEN SOON. Check back in Summer 2019.